Mums in America are fighting back against a fast food industry that is part of what some food critics have called ‘the intentional epidemic’ of obesity. Realising that according to a recent study by UnitedHealth“by 2020, half of Americans will be diabetic” mother of two, Ivana Kadija decided to get organised.

Kadija and teacher Emily Morrison and non-profit executive Wendy Philleo, have been selected by a nationwide competition to redefine fast food.

Could something like this happen here?

McDonalds far outspends all other fast food franchises in targeting kids. Forty percent of their marketing dollars are aimed at children. In the last three years, they’ve increased ad spending on kids by 26%. They’re the largest distributor of toys in the US and operate more playgrounds (8,000) than any other entity. Their ads to kids often focus less on product and more on brand building. Result? Ninety-six percent of American kids recognize Ronald McDonald – second only to Santa Claus.

“We need to burst that clown’s balloon,” says Kadija. “Big fast food is brainwashing our kids, turning them against us and undermining our authority and our best intentions as parents.”

Kadija points out how it jeopardizes family unity. “It’s like this to a seven year-old: if I don’t take my kids to get fast food, I must not love them – since TV moms car-pool their kids to the clown.”

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