• 29/11/10
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The Fife Diet is not just about food – it’s about climate change: how the changing climate affects the food we eat and how the food we eat affects the changing climate. This is why we’re part of groups like  Stop Climate Chaos,  and Holyrood 350 which brings together peo­ple from across Scot­land who are actively work­ing to reduce their com­mu­ni­ties car­bon foot­print. 350 is a number we’re going to hear alot more about. 350 parts per million (ppm) is the most carbon dioxide the planet can safely have in its atmosphere.

Our 350 elephant is just one of an amazing protest to bring this number into consciousness. It’s one from this week’s huge 350 EARTH project (see all of the photos here), what the newspapers are calling ‘the first planet-scale group art show.’ In Delta del Ebro, Spain, citizens created the face of a young girl who wants the Delta to survive the threat of climate change. In the USA, citizens of New Mexico showed how the Santa Fe River bed could look if there was still water running through it.

The organisers write explaining their tactics:

“We’re not going to solve the climate crisis with art. We know that – we’re deeply based in science and politics. But we’re not going to solve the climate crisis without a movement. And art is one of the ways that movements express themselves, one of the things that reach human beings in powerful and deep ways. So by next week, when the UN climate conference in Cancun opens, we’ll be focused on a new set of ideas and tactics, asking your help for all sorts of practical and political things. But today -today just know you’re part of the largest art project the world has ever seen.”