Saturday’s AGM was a feast of a success and it was great to meet lots of new members as well as catch-up with old (!). We come out of it (re) inspired.

A big thanks to all of the producers who gave us (or discounted) their wares and produce including: Bellfield Organics (for the pumpkins), Pillars of Hercules (for the salad), Monimail Tower Project (for the GIANT cabbage), Fletchers of Auchtermuchty (for the venison), Cairn O Mohr (for the strawberry champagne). Thanks too to the Steamie Bakehouse for serving up our daily bread (which sold out).

For lunch we ate roast pumpkin and barley risotto with chilli (and optional anster cheese), venison casserole, with wholemeal bread from Bread in Fife.

We then listened to Phil Hanlon talk about the attraction of the Fife Diet project being in that it responded to the three things that we all need and we all need absolutely: the ‘good, the true and the beautiful’ (from Plato).

He described how this could be the start of a response to the ‘obesegenic society’ we are living in where all manners of the way we live are causing ill-health and ‘dis-ease’.

He described how the whole of Scottish society is shifting and gaining weight and it is the reponsibility of us all to change. It was an inspiring talk given without notes or visual aides and constantly engaging with the audience. If you have thoughts or reflections on Phil’s talk leave a comment below.

The issues that came up included: food sovereignty, the use of calories as a metric for counting health and obesity, land use in Kingsbarns, statins, the value of community and food, hormones in milk and much more…

Afterwards we indulged in strawberry wine, homemade apple juice and raspberry cordial, fruit loaf, cupcakes with Broomhill bramble icing.

If you didn’t get a chance to fill in the questionnaire you can go here to do that.