The second of our series of reports from the RGS 2010 conference ‘Confronting the Challenges of the Post-Crisis Global Economy and Environment’. This from Jon Cloke at Loughborough University. In The Food Security Meme he argues that ‘food security’ is presented as an objective reality when it is a construct that is a trojan horse for a series of given solutions including GM foods and other technical fixes, a new Green Revolution etc.

The ‘answer’ to the ‘problem’ of food security is presented as: increasing agricultural production; science and technology for food security; improved plant varieties; research and development in agriculture.

The ‘food security meme’ should be seen as part of a wider discourse – a subset of other ‘memes’ including the ‘war on terror’, the ‘war on drugs’ and now the war on food. Framing the discussion like this perpetually excludes the wider discussion / criticism of neoliberal set of assumptions about the world, its processes, actors and markets.

Read the full presentation in our READ section here. Warning: this presentation contains some images that you might find difficult.