Here are a few gardening tips for August:

Cut old squash leaves back to allow the sun to get to the fruits to help them ripen.

Start shutting the polytunnel/greenhouse door on overcast days to allow the tomatoes etc to ripen.

Sow spring cabbage later on in the month for overwintering in the polytunnel. Plant them in the polytunnel in the autumn and they will sit doing nothing all winter but will grow early next year to produce some very welcome greens.

Store carrots in buckets or barrels in sand at the end of the month. Don’t let them touch one another and only store good specimens. Keep in a cool, frost-free building and they should keep until Spring.

Harvest onions when the tops have died down. Dry in the sun for a few days before plaiting and hanging up in a cool dry place. Any onions which are in any way mouldy or damaged should be used right away or pickled in spiced vinegar.

– As crops are harvested in the polytunnels sow salad herbs in the space such as claytonia and mizuna to provide Winter or early Spring greens.

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