“To put control of food, one of the few things vital to life, in the hands of a small number of corporations is foolish.” – David Atkinson, Former Agriculture Professor

And yet…approximately 79.5% of retail spending on food in Fife is in supermarkets. The dedicated local food market via farmers markets and farm shops accounts for only 0.52% of the total sales.

Just posted to the READ section here is two presentations from the Big Tent Festivals Head Zone. The first is by Kirtana Chandrasekaran Food Sovereignty programme co-ordinator / Friends of the Earth International. She looks at the global picture and approaches the questions of re-localisation here and its relation to ‘food sovereignty’.

The second is by Teresa Martinez, co-ordinator of the One Planet Food project.

Together they make a complete picture of the dynamic between local food and the global food crisis.

The issue is the democratisation of the food system, considering that:

* Ten corporations control 80% of the global agrochemical market.

* Ten companies control 31% of the seed market and four agribusinesses (Syngenta, Du Pont, Monsanto and Bayer) control almost 100% of the transgenic (GM) seed market. 

* Four supermarkets (Tesco, Asda/Wal-mart, Sainsbury and Somerfield) control 75% of UK food retailing. 

Go here to read the reports and other reference on our food culture.