• 11/05/10
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Each month we’ll be doing a producers focus and profiling some of the great food here in Fife. This month we look at Falkland Farm, see the prices below (with 10% discount for frozen). This is a great organic grass-reared beef. Farmer Amelia Stevenson adds: “The beef is from a pure Belted Galloway bullock fattened on grass and barley by us at Falkland. The Belted Galloway is a traditional Scottish breed and this particular animal was born and spent the first eighteen months of its life in the breed’s heartland near Dumfries.”

All cuts are available but are moving fast. They had a fresh sell by date of 31st March December but were frozen on the 29th and 30th March.

Phone Amelia Stevenson or Gavin Millar at Falkland Farm on 01337 858544 or 07786 930130 if you have any questions or would like to arrange to buy some.

Sirloin Joints 25.00
Fillet Steak 32.00
Rump Steak 15.80
Rib Eye Steak 24.00
Topside Joints 11.30
Silverside Joints 10.20
Brisket Joints 9.00
Braising Steak 10.20
Stewing Steak (cubed) 9.50
Mince 9.00