Being Vegetarian on the Fife Diet

It’s one of the most frequent issues raised, that it’s just too difficult to eat locally and be vegetarian. Jenny Methven, who runs the Falkland Fife Diet community garden disagrees: “I have now been vegetarian for over thirty five years – from the times when a cheese salad was the only thing available to you if you went out for a meal.
My approach to a vegetarian Fife Diet is not to wear a hair shirt or to make things too difficult. I operate the 80/20 rule ie 80% sourced locally and 20% (at most) sourced elsewhere – ideally within the UK and Europe. As more becomes grown locally we can hopefully reduce this 20%.”

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Jenny’s full article, and yearsworth of vegetarian & local recipe ideas, are stored permanently for you to download, print out and keep in our How to Do It section.

One Comment
  • mangocheeks April 24, 2010 at 18:51

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this contribution by Jenny. It made me reflect on my own feelings on growing and eating locally. I like the idea of subbing the olive oil for rapeseed, I may just give it a go.