We’re delighted to hear from Paul in Corwall (Truro) that they are embarking on the Cornish Diet. Paul writes: “We have just launched the Cornish Diet, and in support of that we have constructed an initial directory of local producers , currently 70“. This is fantastic news and undoubtedly Cornwall has incredible food traditions in seafood and in dairy.

“Fife and Cornwall share many common features – they are both peninsula counties with long coast-lines and are both predominantly rural. Fife has a population of 360,500, an area of 507sq miles and 115 miles of costline. Cornwall has a population of 501,265, and area of 1376 sq miles and 433 miles of coastline. Cornwall, therefore, has more acreage per person – but undoubtedly has to support a higher tourist population than Fife.”

The reasons for attempting to adopt a Cornwall diet are:-

  • reduction in CO2 emissions from food miles
    better quality, fresher food – higher in nutrients, lower in saturated fats and additives
    better for the local economy – money spent in local shops stays in the local economy, money spent in chain stores ‘leaks’ out of the local economy
    increase in food security – Cornwall will be more prepared for decreased supplies of oil
    better animal welfare
    increased awareness of where food comes from
    better social cohesiveness – shopping in local shops and Farmers’ Markets is more interactive, decreases social isolation
    better value for money
    better deal for farmers, fishermen and all local producers
    reskilling in traditional food preparation, including food preserving techniques