Tom Philpott of Grist is one of the best food writers around today. Here he describes the latest example of more dodgy industrial waste in cow feed, plus a beef recall that would make Toyota blush:

“Agricultural societies, I imagine, have always fed waste products to livestock. On diversified farms, pigs and chickens get lots of kitchen scraps and “culls”—produce that can’t be sold. And it’s worthwhile to keep cows around if you have access to pasture—cows convert a wild, low-input perennial crop (grass), which humans can’t digest, into highly nutritious beef and milk.”

But things have gone badly wrong: “Last time the ol’ Meat Wagon got cranked up, California-based Huntington Meat Pack had recalled 860,000 pounds of ground beef laced with e. coli 0157. That was enough tainetd product, we calculated at the time, to make the equivalent of 3.56 million Quarter Pounders. But it turns out that. like a certain car maker, Huntington didn’t cast its recall net quite wide enough.” Read his full article here.