We at Fife Diet are helping to launch NOURISH: Scotland’s Sustainable Food Network at the Albert Halls, Stirling 26/27 February 2010. If you are interested in being part of a network to help transform the way we source, produce and eat our food then come along. How do we move from being a nation blighted by ill-health and bad food, dominated by an omni-present supermarket culture and an industry that contributes 30% of UK food-related climate emissions (see How Low Can We Go report here)?

This event is about uniting producers and consumers and everyone aiming to improve the quality of what we eat and lessen the impact on our environment. The network is open to all who are actively growing, selling and eating locally produced food in Scotland – be they farmers, gardeners, community groups, local markets, chefs, artisan pie-makers or just keen eaters of good local food.

The network will be a source of knowledge and encouragement for members but additionally will have the capacity through consulting and engaging its members to contribute to and inform food policy as this is being developed at local and national level in Scotland.

The aim of the event will be to:

1. Gather and inspire people to come together and be part of a network and wider movement.
2. To discuss what priorities such a network should set by focusing on six strands of research.
3. Appoint people to a steering group to run the network for the first year of its existence.

Climate Challenge Funded projects can seek accommodation with the Sustainable Development Commission via Carolyn St-Johnstone at: caroline.stjohnston@sd-commission.org.uk Transition Town groups can seek bursaries for travel or accommodation from Eva Schonveld at: eva@transitionscotland.org

If you would like to reserve a place at this event, please contact:
Lesley McLaren, Falkland Centre for Stewardship
01337 858838 lesley@centreforstewardship.org.uk

Support for travel expenses and overnight accommodation is available from several sources, so please don’t let finances stop you from coming along.