Eat Local Message Winning

Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead comments as a new survey revealed that 60 per cent of Scots will be eating local, seasonal produce this Christmas. But there’s a bah-humbug too.

“It’s fantastic that so many Scots are recognising the value and importance of eating local, seasonal produce. There is a growing appetite for Scottish produce at home and abroad – the number of shoppers buying locally produced food has almost doubled in just three years.

We already know that more people are cooking at home from scratch during the recession. According to Scotland Food & Drink 37 per cent of people expect to buy more local food over the next few years – which is encouraging news for our farmers, fishermen and producers.”

It’s great news…but why does he then go on to pay tribute to the food and drink industry for achieving a series of impressive milestones in 2009, including: Scottish food and drink exports up eight per cent in 2009. 2 + 2 doesn’t equal five. Time for some joined up thinking in 2010!Read the whole thing here.