Setting the Table

The Sustainable Development Commission has just published a new report latest report finds strong evidence that a diet which benefits the environment is better for health. The Fife Diet is the only Scottish project featured in the reports ‘assesment of potential positive impact of initiatives on the four key aspects of sustianability.’ The paper which the Guardian featured last week, concludes that “The SDC’s recent investigation into food has found that eliminating waste, cutting down on fatty and sugary foods and reducing meat and dairy consumption would make the biggest contribution towards improving health and reducing the environmental impacts of the food system.”

Tim Lang, SDC Commissioner for Food, says:

“For some time, consumers have been raising the problem of how to juggle competing demands between environment, health and social justice. They are right to do so. Our research found strong evidence of ‘win-wins’ in these areas, suggesting that a diet which is sustainable on multiple fronts – good for health, environment, social justice and economy – is possible.”

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