Repackaging Copenhagen

This from Brian Tokar, author of The Green Alternative, and Earth for Sale, editor of the collection, Redesigning Life?, and a frequent contributor to Z Magazine and many other publications.

“On the eve of the UN’s long-awaited Copenhagen climate summit, officials are pulling out all the stops to spin the conference as a success, no matter what actually happens. Barack Obama’s announcement that he will briefly pass through Copenhagen was a headline story, as was China’s commitment to reduce their economy’s “carbon intensity,” merely lowering their rate of increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Some are proclaiming the advantages of a non-binding “political” or “operational” agreement, as an incremental step toward reducing worldwide emissions. Others are preoccupied with the manufactured scandal stemming from some UK climate researchers’ stolen emails (see here). It’s everything but what was once promised: the setting for a new binding global treaty to forestall catastrophic climate changes. It wasn’t supposed to be that way.”
Read the full article in Counterpunch here.