Apple Days

applesatmonimailThis October saw apple days across Scotland and loads in Fife. We couldnt attend all of them but the Monimail Tower Apple Day and North Queensferry were busy and popular despite wildly varying weather conditions.

Pictured (left) is Mare de Manage a huge tree by the house at Monimail which produces infeasibly large apples, cookers which store well and become eaters after Christmas. Over the next year Monimail will be monitoring their orchard to catalogue each of the varieties, their qualities etc. They started to identify what they have at the moment with the great help of Willie Duncan, and list the following varieties: Mare de Manage, Greensleeves, Charles Ross, Adams Peerman, Fiesta, Anne Elizabeth, Ellisons Orange, Howgate, Bramleys, Egremont Russett, Princess, & James Greve.

The Fife Diet is keen to hear about other fruit growing in the region and exploring ways to get access to apples and pears, currently difficult to access. Leave a comment below or email us at fifediet (at)

Congratulations to North Queensferry for a great day on the Sunday.

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