• 13/10/09
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Turnip-rooted-or-Knob-CelerySo what do you eat? We have lots of new members and lots of requests for recipes. So if you are an existing member with good recipes to share please send them in and we’ll add them to the Real Time Recipes section. In the meantime we are posting each week through the winter a recipe link for each item from fifteen in the veg box weekly delivery. The recipe guide assumes you can get hold of cheese, bacon, chicken, white fish, pork and organic beef as you can readily in Fife.

This week from:
Red Cabbage ** Beetroot ** Turnip ** Leeks ** Butternut Squash
Celery ** Celeriac ** Carrots ** Potatoes ** Ruby Chard
Eggs ** Roman Broccoli ** Pumpkin ** Cucumbers ** G Cabbage