herbalsMany thanks to everyone for coming along to our Dunfermline meeting, what a great turnout (!) It was great to see old members but mostly new, and special thanks to our guest speaker Elspeth Killin for a great talk on local, seasonal herbs, and how to use them as food and food as medicine.

The recipes from todays event are all in the Real Time Recipes section, you can try the Pumpkin Risotto or the Plum Crumble. Remember also you can still win a copy of our monthly giveaway cookery book as a prize if you submit recipe to us. See here for more details. Today’s beautiful vanilla ice cream was supplied by Nelsons of Culross and the cheese for the risottos was supplied by Ansther cheese straight from Dunfermline Farmers Market…

Many thanks also the Co-op members who invited us to speak at Cupar in the afternoon.

  • fifediet October 22, 2009 at 09:14

    Thanks very much for your comments. Any pressure that can be brought will Im sure contribute to the shifts we will have to make.


  • Mrs. C. Beavers October 11, 2009 at 11:48

    I am the Secretary of Leven Co-operative Women’s Guild (with a membership of 93 at present). I attended the Co-operative meeting in Cupar on Saturday and found your talk most interesting. Each year we, ladies of Scottish Co-operative Women’s Guilds movement hold a conference and during that time we submit motions to be discussed there. These are voted on by the attending members and the approved motions are submitted to the Scottish Parliament. I am sure the ladies present, next May, in Alloa would be interested in discussing the points raised. I found the list of ‘imports and exports’ shown in your presentation to be very interesting and wonder if you could supply me with a copy of the list shown.