SAGE – Sow & Grow Everywhere

4a27e85aOver the last few weeks we’ve been contacted by lots of groups saying they are doing the same or similar in their are, which is great. The Munster Diet, the Cornish Diet, the Strathclyde Diet are all emerging… We just heard this week of a project in Glasgow ran by NVA, Angus Farquhar’s environmental arts charity. You might remember them as the people who brought you the The Path in Glen Lyon or Half Life in Kilmartin Glen. Those guys. SAGE aims to transform derelict land into vibran attractive spaces for people to grow their own food. Here’s the blurb on SAGE (go here for more info):

“Central to SAGE will be the total growing ‘toolkit’, with a support programme for horticultural skills development. The growing toolkit will include high quality, durable, specially designed grow boxes/bags made from recycled materials. The kit will also offer community groups, schools and individuals a how-to-grow manual, internet based back-up resources and deliver a local support network linking each site to the nearest available expertise.

SAGE will allow people with no previous experience of growing their own food and herbs to both provide for their families, friends and potentially offer surplus to a wider area. It will complement, support and extend the existing network of community food initiatives, expand localised composting schemes and distribute locally grown vegetable plugs. SAGE also offers the potential for the larger initiatives to be developed into vibrant social enterprises.”

  • boise personal training October 23, 2011 at 15:19

    We started our own little garden about 10 years ago and havent stopped since. Its harder when you live in the city, but theres always a cool little garden in our patio where we grow herbs, and the occasional tomato plant

  • herbal healing March 17, 2010 at 12:46

    hey guys, i just came here when i did an quick google search. Nice site you have here! Keep it up!

  • Paul S March 1, 2010 at 23:48

    Hi and thank you for starting this “diet” thing.

    We have just launched the Cornish Diet on, and in support of that we have constructed an initial directory of local producers , currently 70:

    We were thinking of perhaps awarding Cornish Diet Champion sticker and medals (at three levels) for shops and businesses that follow the idea. Have you done anything like that?

    Would be interested in corresponding occasionally – just email me.

  • herbalife November 4, 2009 at 04:28

    I have been looking into making my own garden to grow fruits and vegetables. It is so expensive to buy these precious items at the local market. Thanks again for your post.