Easter Tipping Point

newreport09New calculations from the New Economics Foundation reveal that on Easter Sunday this year, the UK in effect stops relying on its own natural resources to support itself and starts to ‘live off’ the rest of the world. The report continues showing how: “As our total consumption grows and ecosystems become more stressed, the day on which we begin consuming beyond our environmental means is moving ever earlier in the year.”

In 1961 it was 9 July. By 1981 it was 14 May. Now, in 2009, it falls on Easter Sunday, 12 April. The report concludes: “The UK’s ecological debt and reliance on the rest of the world is revealed, for example, in our rising dependence on imports of food and energy. National food self-sufficiency is in long-term decline, recently reaching its lowest level for decades. We have become increasingly dependent on imports at precisely the time when, for several reasons to do with climate change, competition for energy resources, economic instability and changing consumption patterns, the guarantee of the rest of the world’s ability to provide for us is weakening.” More here.