For the last eight months, organisers in America have been bringing together over 70 conservation, public health, labour, social justice and faith-based organisations along with figureheads of the climate movement like Bill McKibben and Dr James Hansen.

On 2 March, over 10,000 people will join a sit-in at the coal-power plant that literally powers the congressional building in Washington DC. For many, it is a national symbol for the stranglehold that dirty energy sources have over their communities, their climate and their future. This will be the biggest climate change action the word has yet seen. Just this week, Hansen released a public broadcast explaining why he will be taking part. In Scotland the 350 Campaign is organising to lobby our MSPs to take decisive action and the Fife Diet will be backing this and keeping everyone informed of actions and events. It’s interesting though to begin to see the US as a potential place of inspiration, instead of desperation. Here’s Hansen’s explanation of the action:

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  • Ally February 26, 2009 at 23:42

    That was a great post and video too. I think people should be more aware about the climate change and simply wake up. Yes, it’s a little late, but still…