What Did You Eat?

The year is up. For some of us who started in late October 2007 a full calendar year has almost passed and we want to get your responses on how you have got on. Whether you’ve been doing this since then – or just started – share your views on what you ate and how you got on…

The questions we are asking are:

What food did you eat?
• What exceptions did you make?
• What foods did you miss most?
• What food did you not miss?
• What were your favourite recipes?
• What are the biggest gaps in the Fife food market?

Send in your responses and we’ll run one blog entry on this subject over the next few weeks and see what experiences people have had. If you’re only a few weeks or months into trying to do the Fife Diet – you can still chip in.

  • Zillah December 29, 2008 at 22:43

    Hi Penny,

    I’ve been investigating the issue of non-animal protein, as that was one of our major ‘cheats’. The traditional Scottish solution would have been peasemeal – i.e. field peas roasted and dried. It’s quite hard to get hold of, as far as I know Golspie Mill in Sutherland is the only place producing peasemeal. We buy it in Edinburgh. I’ve tried it variously in the traditional Scots ways and using it as one would use chickpea flour. We were pretty successful in recreating north-Italian and Indian favourites (cauliflower fritters went particularly well, also I’ve posted my Fife-ish Farinata recipe elsewhere on the site).

    When we lived in England we successfully grew borlotti beans, which can then be dried. Garden Organic have also recently done trials for growing chickpeas, but again they were more successful further south.

    I’d love to know more if anyone else has experience of growing pulses in Fife, or using peasemeal.


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