• 23/09/08
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Many thanks to the Soil Association Scotland who organised a great Food Festival in Glasgow. The place was mobbed – I just wish we could do something similar here in Fife (!).

I joined ( I don’t know why I hadn’t before) and received The Big Earth Book – Ideas and solutions for a Planet in Crisis. A great book, packed with information, highly recommended. It includes just really coherent analysis of food issues, including on food security and the whole scam around Bird Flu and how it used to re-affirm Big Farming and factory methods.

Random nuggets include ‘The Absurd UK Food Swap’ quoting Caroline Lucas ‘Relocalising Europes Food Supply (2001):

Pork – exports 195,000 tonnes / imports 240,000 tonnes

Lamb – exports 102,000 tonnes / imports 47,000 tonnes

Butter exports 49,000 tonnes / imports 47,000 tonnes

Poultry exports 170,000 tonnes / imports 363,000 tonnes

Fresh Milk exports 119,000 tonnes / imports 114,000 tonnes

Live Pigs exports 110,000 pigs / imports 200, 000 pigs

It’s disgusting really isn’t it?