• 01/07/08
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A long delayed visit to Falside Farm (two miles from Pittenweem) – home of Fife’s best (only?) new cheese – didn’t disappoint. Jane Stewart has produced not only a fabulous new cheese – ‘Ansther’ – but a great coffee house venue and shop with views across the fields to the sea. The cheese is from the unpasteurised milk, straight from their own herd of home-bred Holstein Friesian cows.

Falside uses a vegetarian rennet to set the milk, rather than calves’ rennet, so its vegetarian.

It’s a crumbly white cheese, suggested summer recipes include thick shards of it, with rocket and strawberries.

We’re working on a full list or retailers throughout Fife you can go get it. If you see it about – please let us know, in the meantime here’s more on the Falside Farm cafe here…

  • fifediet August 19, 2010 at 08:17

    Hi Linda – you really would need to speak to the people you bought it from, sorry we cant help : )


  • Linda McLeod August 12, 2010 at 23:07

    I purchased a box of tea bags when I was up in June flavour ‘chilli and mint’ and I am trying to purchase some more but cannot find a stockist near me. Is it possible to have some sent to me?
    If you could e-mail me I would be very grateful
    Many thanks
    Linda McLeod