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  • 23/06/08
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This from the Scottish Govt Food Unit:

“Following the discussion which concluded on 25 April, Scottish Government commissioned an independent analysis of the responses received during the discussion period. We received a wide range of responses, ranging from Health, Education, Environment, Skills, Public Procurement, through to Farming, labelling issues and access to affordable local food.. Using this analysis has helped to establish the priorities that the people of Scotland would like to see captured in Scotland’s First National Food and Drink Policy.

Richard Lochhead MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, announced the next steps statement for the Policy at the Royal Highland Show on 19 June. Scottish Government aim to deliver a National Food and Drink Policy which will promote Scotland’s sustainable economic growth by ensuring the focus of all food and drink-related activity by Government offers quality, health and wellbeing and sustainability, whilst recognising the need for access to affordable food for all.

A summary of how Scottish Government intends to deliver the National Food and Drink Policy is available here. Also available through the website are copies of the Cabinet Secretary’s Statement, the News Release and the Scottish Agricultural College’s independent analysis of the Discussion Responses.”

Verdicts vary. As Joanna Blythman writes in the Sunday Herald: “The Scottish Government is to be commended for being ahead of Westminster in grasping the need for a holistic, cross-departmental national food policy, but it must take much more of a lead.” But she concludes: “If this was a dissertation, it would surely be handed back with the comment: “Some good ideas. A promising start. Now go back, do a lot more reading and thinking, then rewrite it.”

Read Joanna’s full article here….
Read Richard Lochhead’s speech here.

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  • Mike Small June 24, 2008 at 20:04

    Speaking of our friend Joanna, she’s in feuds corner over at the Observer Food Blog…

    This from Stuffed and Starved: ‘Is Meat off the Menu’?

    “I’ve a piece in this week’s issue of The Observer on meat, and my intention to stop eating it.

    It was a much longer article before the wise people at the Food and Drink desk cut some of my excesses. But I’m sad that they lost a couple of references to Mark Bittman, to whom I’m grateful not only because I get to guest-blog at Bitten but because I find his work on meat, first here and more recently here, tremendously important and I wanted to thank him publicly.

    Incidentally, in the same issue of the Observer Food Magazine, Joanna Blythman disagrees with me about meat. Her arguments are unusually flimsy. She suggests that, because the nomadic Masai have developed a complex system of nutrition dependent on livestock, the British have too, and therefore should be let alone. There are a range of other logical leaps, most of which I address.”

    More here: