• 11/06/08
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As the Rome Food Crisis Conference ends – futuristic ideas for feeding us in uncertain times (that’s an understatement) are coming thick and fast. Here’s two different models for vertical farming.

The first from the Guardian describes a method that’s coming NOW in Thanet, England: “The crops themselves will be suspended from the 8m ceiling in huge hydroponic rows, their roots never touching the chalky Kent soil beneath. This is Thanet Earth, Britain’s biggest greenhouse development, which will increase by 15% the UK’s crop of salad vegetables. Cucumbers and peppers will be picked continuously from February to October, tomatoes harvested every day of the week, 52 weeks a year.”

The second is from the World Science Festival in New York: “Columbia University microbiologist Dickson Despommier described his vision for feeding the planet’s burgeoning, and increasingly urban, population. The vertical farm takes agriculture and stacks it into the tiers of a modern skyscraper. Instead of stopping at the corner pizzeria for dinner, Despommier suggested, you could pluck a nice head of lettuce, maybe some corn, and some tomatoes for a big salad, all in your own building, on the way to your apartment. You can’t get fresher or more local than that.” More here.

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