Fife Diet Community Garden

Here’s a message from Wendy who’s organising everything to do with our community garden project in Falkland:

Jobs for now:
1. Dig over beds
2. Plant seeds and plants as they become available
3. Water

My name is Wendy Gudmundsson, I am responsible for co-ordinating the work at the allotment so any comments/questions please jemail me on

The garden was in use until last year and we were picking the kale until April so any weeds are new and hopefully if we can make an effort now it shouldn’t be too hard to get on top of things.

This year we are keeping things very simple, setting things in place for crop rotation for the following years and hopefully making some good compost. My main aim is to produce food that I like eating and I hope this fits in with you as well, however if you have any suggestions or requests please get in touch. I will normally be here on Tuesday from 12 till 2pm and popping in at other times.
We will obviously be gardening organically, so there will be no nasty chemicals to worry about.

Thanks for coming along and thanks for any work you do however big or small.

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  • Sarah O. Howard December 6, 2009 at 13:24

    I am experiencing a problem with viewing your site properly through the most recent release of Opera. Looks fine in IE7 and Firefox however.Have a nice day.