• 04/06/08
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Great to see Earthshare from Nairn’s website (go here). This is an inspiring CSA project that shares most of our aims:

“People join EarthShare for various reasons – a minority just want a box of organic veg each week – but most join for additional reasons:

• to support local agriculture and create local jobs,
• to protect the environment by not using herbicides and pesticides,
• to protect local ecosystems and biodiversity,
• to reduce food miles, thus cutting back on greenhouse gas emissions,
• to receive fresh local produce with minimal packaging,
• to eat with the seasons,
• to know where their food has come from and how it has been produced,
• to take part in the growing and production of their food,
• to strengthen local community ties,
• to support the local economy by keeping money circulating within the local community.

So… EarthShare does a lot more than just provide organic veg! Supermarkets increasingly stock organic products, but they rarely meet any of the above positive criteria that EarthShare subscribers have come to expect:

• supermarket organic veg is excessively packaged,
• even if produce is grown locally, it often travels many miles to be cleaned, graded and packaged,
• a large proportion of organic produce sold in the UK is grown abroad,
• there is no knowing how old the produce is,
• organic farmers growing for supermarkets often have to concentrate on one or two crops, thus reducing biodiversity,
• the notion of seasonal eating is completely lost with produce being flown in from around the world all year round,
• consumers are completely removed from the farmers who grow their food,
• money spent in supermarkets leaves the local community.

Go to their ‘HOW “GREEN” IS YOUR ORGANIC VEG?’ section to take a look at how they compare locally sourced and supermarket food.