• 16/04/08
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Many thanks to Sharon Gordon who emailed us pointing out the excellent vegetable garden plans put together by the Royal Horticultural Society (here).

“At 4 of their sites, RHS has designed model food garden plans to go in a 10×10 foot space. Several are in a L shape with a 4×4 foot bed at the corner of the L”.

As we’re about to launch our very own Fife Diet Community Garden Project (of which more plans very soon), this was a welcome suggestion.

We’d like to hear ideas for our garden, the RHS site suggests: “Try sowing some unusual vegetables such as salsify, Hamburg parsley, or scorzonera, both root vegetables still eaten a lot on the Continent.”

Scorzonera anyone?

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  • Jane April 26, 2008 at 09:47

    Actually my husband bought scorz seeds at Lidl and we’re going to have a go with them this year. Never tasted it or even seen it though.