Food You Can Afford to Eat

I was thinking this about the plans for Eco-Towns. It’s so wrong. Its as if other towns will be non-eco towns. In the same way organic food remains an exotic item you get only in specialised shops. The issue circles like a vulture. Ecology and restorative practices can’t be exclusive processes.

This article from Grist addresses the same issue: “Why Michael Pollan and Alice Waters should quit celebrating food-price hikes”…

“If grocery-store prices rise high enough, will consumers suddenly see the wisdom of spending the same amount of money on healthier options at farmers’ markets? That’s the logic that some sustainable-food advocates, including renowned author Michael Pollan and restaurateur Alice Waters, seem to be putting forth. But Tom Philpott sees it a different way – and says the solution lies in making sustainable food
more accessible. See how Washington State and others are getting it done, in today’s Victual Reality.”

More here.