Energy Saving Day

  • 28/02/08
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energymap.jpgEnergy Saving Day, which is backed by environmental and religious groups and major energy companies, asks people to turn off electrical devices not in use. Over 24 hours from 6 o’clock next Wednesday, the National Grid will monitor what effect this has on UK consumption. Major energy companies including EDF, E.On and National Power are offering customers simplified access to home insulation. At a launch event featuring a bicycle-powered cinema showing specially-commissioned short films on climate, bishop Dr Richard Chartres made the moral case for taking part.

“Let us remember people in the Ganges delta who are already feeling the effects of sea level rise and climate change,” he said.

Quite. But isn’t there an inherent contradiction here? Don’t the privatised energy companies try and make profits by our consumption? I’m confused.

Visit E-day here.

One Comment
  • Sandra February 28, 2008 at 17:02

    Where the idea is generallygood, I’m slightly unconvined by this. I’d like to see a breakdown first of energy usage showing domestic vs industry. In fact, I wonder if industry is included in this. Why is the onus always on people?