• 22/01/08
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The nuclear lobby faced a defeat in the Scottish Parliament this week as a cross-party consensus merged to declare simply, there will be no new nuclear power in Scotland. Read the report here. What’s this got to do with food? The case for nuclear is based around the (spurious*) idea that its offers a much-needed low carbon energy solution – but there’s a hundred other ways to reduce our emissions.

As the excellent Love Food Hate Waste argue:
  • Around 650,000 tonnes of food waste is thrown out by Scottish households each year
  • Over £800m worth of food is wasted by consumers in Scotland each year. That’s an average of £366 per household!
  • If we stopped wasting all this food, we could prevent the equivalent of 1.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year in Scotland. This is the same as taking 1 in 4 cars off the road.
So if we can educe our emissions in other ways, why would we need an expensive dangerous and finite energy source?
* The fact is, going nuclear won’t solve the UK’s or the world’s global warming problem because it can only deliver around a 4 percent cut in carbon emissions some time after 2020. That’s far too little, far too late and at too high a price. More from Greenpeace here.