• 25/11/07
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The Fife Diet was featured on the Lesley Riddoch Show on Friday. You can listen to the show again here.

The show featured several guests. Derek Hawkins from the British Retail Consortium (the supermarkets lobby) tried to persuade us that whilst this was all admirable it simply could not be done outside Fife, because of the soil. This would have come as a shock to gardeners, farmers, fisherman or other food producers in , say Perthshire, Lothian, Ayrshire or Argyll, all homes to fantastic produce reknowned throughout the world. We would, he argued be unable to provide ourselves with enough nutrious food to survive.

“Nimbyism, backward, conservative and parochial” was the view of ‘Stuart’ a lecturer from Abertay. He was apparently a lecturer in Sociology and seemed to make some distinction between the food we eat and environmental issues surrounding them and ‘society’. He rather gave himself away by declaring early on that he ‘was a climate change sceptic’ (a subject he studiously and wisely avoided returning to). He seemed to be annoyed by the idea of people knowing or caring where there food came from.

I can just imagine his lectures: “Good Morning Students, everything is well in the world, and if you think otherwise, don’t ask any questions, er, that’s it.” He was far more alarming than the sad reality that children have been branded into believing in Asda and Tesco as the source of all goodness.

He was so proud of his table-sized £2 chicken. As the agricultural student said: “Who the hell employs this guy?”