Think Outside the Bottle

  • 21/11/07
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The Guardian has a piece on the project in today (Wednesday 21 Nov). You can read it here.

This from Treehugger is good on Bottled Water:

“I am sorry, Evian and San Pellegrino and Dasani and all the other bottled waters out there – Aqua Velva, Wells Fargo, Muddy Waters, Joan Rivers, Jerry Springer, whatever—but the current campaign against paying good money for bottled water when tap water is perfectly good (and very likely purer) is so sensible on the face of it that I am now done with you.

Fini. Kaput. Ausgeschlossen. No more designer water. Water is water. If you want lemon flavoring, add a slice of lemon. You want bubbles, stick a straw in it and blow.”

More here….

They also have a story about the term ‘Locavore’ entering the dictionary. Never heard if it. It’s just a plate of stovies.

Mike S