• 18/11/07
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Fennel Frond PieWell, the first thing I’m pleased to report is that week two has been a little bit easier than week one! Just as well… The big change for me has really been about time – and the amount of time spent preparing food in the kitchen. Before we began this, I really did think that I cooked a lot of our meals from scratch – but this has been a rude awakening about what that really means. Thankfully, I am on maternity leave just now which means I’m able to get into the whole food prep thing. I’m learning quickly that good planning and organising is the key to stress free days.

In the first week I had one especially tough day when I had nothing prepared – not even bread in the house! And had to make lunch for guests and get started with steaming and pureeing first foods for the baby. I was a wreck by the end of the day – but it was a good lesson learned.

This week one of my children was unwell – this is one of the things I’d been worried about, how I would have the time to prepare stuff when I had another demand on my time, but we just had plain omlettes and bread for tea (really delicious & simple) and got through it.

We have invested in a bread maker – which is great, and saving a lot of time.

I should maybe add that I am mostly making dishes up. I’m looking through cook books when I have the chance for ideas and then just guessing what might work…No totally duff results yet.

 Best thing so far: The first Fish pie. Worst Thing: The Second Fish Pie.

I meant to put up what we ate last week:

  • Beetroot stew with cheesy blinis
  • Barley Stew with potato dauphinoise & cabbage
  • Leek & Potato soup
  • Fennel Frond pie – topping mashed pots & fennel frond, filling left over leek & pot soup with fennel and more leeks – (pictured top)
  • Fish pie (this was great – my most successful dish!)
  • Colcannon (mashed potato, leeks, cabbage, butter salt & pepper mashed together)

And this week we’ve been eating:

  • Veggie shepherds pie with mash on top (and a handful of lentils)
  • Fish pie (I froze some of last weeks fish – but pie was not quite as good)
  • Leek & potato soup
  • Omelettes & bread
  • Cauliflower & romanesco brocoli cheese
  • Stovies
  • White flour pancakes with a lentil stuffing and mixed steamed veg
  • Whole wheat pancakes, stuffed with spinach and turnip cubed & oven roasted with honey

People for Lunch…

We had to buy extra supplies this week – we are getting through the large veg box with no problems –as we had friend for lunch Sunday. Six adults, three children and two babies. This wasn’t hard to make almost 100% Fife. We had roast chicken, roast potatoes, honey steamed carrots & turnip, wholewheat pancakes stuffed with spinach in cheese sauce and cabbage. For pudding I used the last of the frozen fruit I had in the freezer blended with cream to make a sort of ice cream in white pancakes. You can see I’ve gone a bit over board on the pancakes – thanks to Rose Elliot!

Money: This week we spent £44.13. We had extra eggs, extra veg and organic chicken (!)

Honey: Bought on Burntisland High Street in the Fruit & Veg shop the most delicious Aberdour Honey.

from Karen S