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  • 13/11/07
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I’m just going to start making a note of some of our meals, because that seems to be the …um… meat and drink … of this project. I would love to get ideas from other people on how to feed ourselves. Food boredom is a real enemy.

-Pitta bread with kale and poached eggs. Kale with pittas is lovely. Juicy… Have started making pitta breads as we buy them a lot and they are good quick child food. But that’s not particularly Fife diet friendly as we’re using non Fife flour. Feels noble though.

-Beef stew a la opening launch, which then became..

– Beef and vegetable soup, which then became…

– Cabbage pie, with shredded ‘bage and leeks bound by soup and a little cream, nutmeg, pepper… mashed potato on top…

– Mashed potato, parsnip and cheese mixed with egg and fried into patties

– Vegetable crumble

-Pumpkin pancakes with sausages and creamy mustard sauce

-Baked potatoes with coleslaw (and some non Fife stuff too)

Many non Fife moments though. Our local shop has nothing from Fife in stock at all and when our (non jumbo) veg box ran out my solution was to buy nothing at all, leaving me hungry and hacked off with our bad planning. Buckled. Bought bananas. Cheered up.

Interested to know how many are practicing this to the extent of, for instance, giving up tea and coffee? Which, for the time being, we aren’t.

Jumbo box this week, though.

from Catherine L

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  • Mike November 14, 2007 at 22:51

    Jumbo box is the only way Catherine! Nothing else will get you through the week!!!

    By the way – we went to the Harbour Bar last night and picked up our beer from the Fife Brewery. Its great. £1.90 a pint. ‘Old Bufftie’. Its a real ale, a pale ale. We got 8 pints.

    Take a container down and they’ll fill you up.

    It’s great to have someone else posting.

    If your taking part and want to write about it get in touch by email.