• 12/11/07
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pumpkins.jpgIt’s just a week after we officially launched the Fife Diet. So how’s it going? There have been some frustrations and ‘failures’ (more on these to follow) but overall the experience has been pretty good. Here’s what we’ve noticed in the first ten days:

Our shopping budget has reduced by about £1.48 in the first week. We might have done a large supermarket shop before – Lidl or Sainsbury – or a bit of both – and in the previous week it worked out at £58.43. Now, with a Bellfield Large Veg Box plus eggs (£3), Pork (£4.65), butter (£3), cheese (£4.50), chicken and haggis (£11.00 – good chicken, bad haggis!) fish (£3.10), flour (£2), sugar (£0.70), bakery (£2) and yeast (£0.99) we totalled £56.95.

So at first glance, it can be cheaper.

The next thing we noticed is our packaging is massively reduced. Our landfill bin is about half what it was. Given that we the consumer have been asked to recycle all the producers excessive packaging, this is not suprising. Take away all the tins, bottles, jars and wrappers and you just about half the whole crazy loop of rubbish creation and wasteful ‘re-cycling’.

There’s less snacking between meals, but propably bigger portions at meals. We reckon we’ve lost weight.

 The veg box has become the centre of our diet, not the periphery. Rather than think are we going to waste food we are eeking it out to make it last the week.

There’s a huge increase in preparation time. Some people have claimed that ‘they just couldn’t do it’ because they are too busy. Certainly cooking food from scratch each day takes a long time. But the food is fresher, healthier and we feel better. We’re controlling how much sugar and salt we put in food and we are probably reducing our intake of hidden additives by 98%. This is probably the most testing time about the diet although we are already finding ways of making ‘convenience’ foods – quick omelettes, soups and pancakes.

 We’re probably eating more ‘wholesome foods’. It’s all stews, and casseroles, pies and soups, home baking. Plenty of butter and carbs but also lots of fresh fish and vegetables. It seems the right time of year to be eating this food.

 Our compost is huge and groaning. Will probably need to get another on the go.

 One of the best things is talking to more people about food. We found a great fishmonger in Inverkeithing (HS Murray, 7 Hope Street). This guy knows where his stuff is caught and what is good – Karen’s amazing fish pie recipe will be posted soon! Apparently only Langoustine is being landed at Pittenweem just now (the fishing politics of this would be too long to go into – think quotas.)

So we’re doing great on it – more recipes and feedback to follow through the week.

from Mike S

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  • Helen Lawrenson November 12, 2007 at 21:05

    Mike and Karen
    Lots of luck with the Fife Diet. We are all behind you – just a bit slower in getting started. Looking forward to reading all about your discoveries.