• 30/07/07
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farmersdiner.jpgThis is from Grist: “At an unassuming diner in small-town Vermont, Tod Murphy is running what might be the greenest restaurant in the United States. The idea is elegant and deceptively simple: take products from nearby farms, use them to create straightforward diner dishes like burgers and milkshakes, and sell them at a price accessible to most of the community’s residents – including its farmers. While buying direct from nearby farmers is certainly more expensive than tapping global distribution chains, Murphy hopes to make a small profit by achieving high volume – the opposite of Chez Panisse’s boutique approach. Murphy figures that for the local-food trend to truly deliver on its environmental and social promises, it will have to be broadly accessible. “Local good food shouldn’t just be a rich person’s item … It should be for everybody,” he recently told The Boston Globe. And Farmers Diner has emerged as a closely watched experiment on whether that ideal can become reality.”

 Take a look at their menus - the whole things just superb - its not based around an idyllics concept of the rural and its amied at the people who actually live and work on the farms.