• 11/07/07
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Hi. Welcome to the Fife Diet. This is an attempt to eat food that isn’t produced thousands of miles away, dowsed in chemicals and then chilled or frozen and shipped across the globe. I want to eat food from near where I live.

It sounds crazy, I know.

The first question people ask me is: What are the Rules?

There are no rules, what did you think this is?  Eat what you like. Some people are in a position to go mad with it. Some of you will have the combination of time, garden, willpower, income, and domestic situation to be able to commit to and achieve 100% Fife produce. If so, good for you.

This isn’t me. I’m an enthusiastic but amateurish gardener, my income and time is limited and my home life complicated by the presence of very small children (they’re young not abnormally small!). So I’m still in the position of conversion. I have cupboards full of dried stuff from round the globe. I’m not going to waste anything.

Clarity not purity is the plan.

 Contact us: 01592 871 371

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  • mangocheeks June 14, 2009 at 15:45

    I admire your commitment to the initiative. I am trying…Please do check out my blog as it is about growing at my allotment and then cooking these seasonal vegetables.

    Are you aware if there is anything in the West of Scotland, similar to what is happening in Fife with the Fife project.

    Also congratulations for getting the recognitin for The Fife Diet and moreso, positively influencing others to follow.